In a few years time …

… you will not be able to see who’s the boss, and who’s the collaborator. Who’s the client, and who’s the supplier. Who’s in, and who’s out.

Work and home will merge. The frontier between shopping and working will blur. Offices will become leisure space. Recreation will be part of work.

And selling and buying will never be the same again. Internet ‘things’ and AI will take buying decisions, while some humans might still buy from humans. Or think they do.


Is your company ready?

Our businesses are still run the ‘old school’ way. Managers still ‘manage’, because we do not have trustworthy alternatives for ‘being in control’. You are ‘in’, or you are ‘not’. Our top talent is trained for yesterday – and runs into bore-out and burn-out.

Or into frustrating traffic jams.

Our processes are still about mid-term strategy and short-term planning. Our sales & marketing still segment and close deals. Our reports report yesterday’s KPIs. Our software models the old metaphors.

And runs quickly against the wall, when facing this new world.

High time to transform your company.

Change programs are no longer sufficient. Too often, they only scratch the surface, and do not dive into the core. They help people make the same mistakes in a different way.

That’s why transformation should start at the DNA.

Sit down and think about the essence. What’s the purpose? What’s the ‘why’? The ‘why’ to buy … and the ‘why’ to be part of it. If you align both ‘why’s well, you are set to win.

Then organize the ‘who’ and ‘how’. Think about it, and change. And think again, and change. And … yes, think-and-change will be a constant.

Are you prepared for eternal change?

Quarturn can help you …

Quarturn wants you to focus on the ‘human-to-human’ axis, rather than on the ‘efficiency-for-money’ axis. We believe motivated teams make the right clients happy. That’s how tomorrow’s money will be made – if not already today.

Quarturn has the software and the services that help you transform your company from within, and become a magnet for clients, collaborators, and other stakeholders. And help your organization cope with change – over and over again.

So get in touch and let us help you successfully make the ‘quart turn’ from a classic industry towards a future-oriented ever-changing business.

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