cropped-pexels-photo-1124062.jpegThe Quarturn ecosystem focuses on mid-sized established companies in the heart of Europe. These companies have been there for ages, have done great business the old way, but … they are getting closer to hitting the wall every day – and some of them realize this.

They want to change, but how? They struggle with the finding of a new future. In getting things done, without hierarchic control. In selling without sales people. In making everyone become a marketing ambassador. Their leadership struggles to think fundamentally differently for the change to come.

Oh yes, they were good. Very good. And they can still be very good. In many cases, it’s only a matter of getting the new ‘very good’ out of the old structures. Getting the implicit purpose-driven vision above the radar. Making people think ‘more naturally’, rather than ‘so differently’. Changing ‘product-out’ and ‘sales machine’, into ‘client-in’ and ‘buyer nirvana’. Changing the limiting software systems for modern systems that embrace change.

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