On the lookout for a Finance & Information Officer


In an Industry 3.0 era, organisations might call this role ‘CFO’. However, we feel this title narrows the potential of the added value that can be unlocked from this position. Finance & Information Officer comes closer, maybe Business Information Lead is even better suited.

Below, you will find a short ‘story’ that captures the essence of the difference you will make. It is written from the ‘I-prespective’, after all we are looking for ownership.


Business Information Lead

I develop financial & information management practices with which we significantly improve the performance of our joint and individual decisions.

I commemorate the way in which (financial) information flows through the Quarturn group with the aim of orchestrating highly effective (financial) decision-making processes. This has to enable us to achieve the various ambition levels within the different companies of the group.

I develop the strategy on how to better understand the way our different companies (within the Quarturn group) create value, for each other and for our customers. I ensure that ‘value’ becomes transparent for everyone, including the customer. I focus on developing a shared understanding of ‘value creation’ as part of end-2-end processes and embedded in a growth culture.

I develop the capabilities needed to visualize drivers or performance and I reflect on the ways we can translate this strategically into solutions (e.g. the design of dashboards, to be developed within the Quarturn group) that in turn create value for our companies and our customers. I develop awareness about the value of “business information transparency” as part of the group’s DNA.

I plan with a horizon of 2 years in which the “business information lifecycle” is managed. I anticipate by constructing feedback flows that help us effectively monitor if we are on track realizing our ambition.



It is impossible not to take notice of the concept ‘digital transformation’ but maybe it’s time to eliminate the word ‘digital’. After all, the fourth industrial revolution is (also) about how our H2H (Human 2 Human) interactions are transforming (‘organisational transformation’).

It’s not just Industry 4.0, equally important is Project Management 4.0, Organisation 4.0, Sales & Marketing 4.0, …. There is a huge lack of solutions that support these evolutions. Quarturn creates, from within her different companies, revolutionary apps, software solutions and services that will enable her customers to gain mastery in continuously evolving.

 “Transformation is the only constant.”

We embrace the potential and truly ‘live’ 4.0: from profit to purpose, from hierarchy to ownership, from privacy to transparency, …

If you’re looking for clear instructions, we’d have to disappoint you because we are not your place to be. We are looking for ownership, after all, value creation is equally part of the collaborative DNA (we create value for each other, our customers, our companies). We’re not famous (yet) but have the design and ambition of a 4.0 multinational.

We aspire to grow from 20 to 100 employees with a turnover of 15 million euros within a period of max 5 years.

More info; hr@quarturn.com

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