New Quarturn creation SCLPTR.BIZ is now online at

Sclptr-high-res3Last December, Quarturn created a new company named SCLPTR.BIZ. This new company specialises in client-centric business services design. It combines professional expert services with a set of tools that will help companies design and implement services that are geared towards client value creation. Since it is a Quarturn creation, of course, client-value creation and client value capture are its main focus points.

In the coming years, Human-2-Human transactions and Product Servitization are on the rise. That means business value will be generated by individual workers, and client value will be created in the experience of individuals at the client side. In short, business value will be created by those people that face customers, and that ensure these customers understand, agree, and appreciate the created value.

SCLPTR.BIZ is going to ‘sculpture’ these businesses services in a client-oriented way. The clear understanding of a client value offering, will be the starting point of its professional services, as will it be the design focus for the apps that it is going to develop.

The sculpturing concept is, as you might already understand, what gave us the idea for the brand name. The logo refers to the decomposition of today’s hierarchical structures into new and more dynamic organisation models.

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