Flxion completed its first round of 400k€ angel capital

Today, the company Flxion NV completes its first round of angel funding. Flxion NV attracted the full required 400k€ starting capital. The attracted capital is a combination of business angel private investments, and a first round injection by Quarturn (Participium CVBA). Quarturn is the creator of Flxion, and will also be responsible for assembling the first team, and creating the MVP for both its services portfolio, as its digital platform.

Getting things done in fluid organizations

The purpose of Flxion is to increase the keeping of promises in more modern organisations. Fluid organisations combine employees with freelancers and subcontractors. Each of them can get various roles, including leading the team – whether or not that person occupies a hierarchical management position. That is much more flexible, but also challenging to get all things done. Systems and procedures were often designed and installed when a company was only thinking about full-time employed staff.

Even more, in those days, companies thought hierarchically. There was no self-steering, no cross-departmental circles, no meeting and dialogue culture, almost no empowerment to the floor. Now that many organisations are defining new roles to existing staff members in new flexible teams, there is a need for more modern tools too. Definitely when one wants to get things done, across departments, or across the boundaries of legal entities.

That’s why we created Flxion. Thanks to Flxion dialogues and meetings will end in decisions, with allocated leaders (in and outside the company), clear targets, allocated and followed todo’s, projects and budgets that are as fluid as the teams that created them. Thanks to Flxion reshaped companies will be able to keep their promises to clients, and change as rapidly as clients demand.

Oh, in case you wonder how to pronounce Flxion. You can choose. It can be “fluxion” from fluid, or “flexion” from flexible. Or even “flaxion” from action.

Take a peak at the Flxion website and news page.

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