IDlegcy team started well in Estonia and Belgium

IMG_2131For some months now, the Estonian IDlegcy developers at AgileWorks (Tallinn, Estonia, Europe) are working on the I.CNTRL.ME and I.CNTRL.IT applications that will help individuals control their GDPR rights from one place, and that will automate the job of GDPR managers.

Helen Kuremaa (left on the main picture) is going to overlook the requests and help individuals get in touch with the GDPR responsible. She works close to our Estonian developers, and meets with us in Lift99 – thé startup place in Tallinn.

Hein Bruggeman (right on the main picture) is going to help GDPR responsibles and their management, to install a GDPR process that increases the business and recruitment potential of companies, rather than merely protect them agains claims. He is the services design and partner manager, since the beginning of February.

Now we are still looking for a UI/UX designer who can help us to create an app that is also extremely cool, and a Product Lead who can be Jan’s right hand to follow-up on the development project of the I.CNTRL software environment.

More on IDlegcy see

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