Former Barco and Xerox senior manager to join Quarturn as Technology Architect Patrick Bergmans (Ghent University) was the creator of the Barco Graphics (now Esko Graphics) core technology, which is used in the vast majority of the world-wide packaging printing today. Some of his inventions and patents have been at the core of significant technological advances in the entirety of the graphic arts industry, from special color management to digital variable printing. He was the first recipient of the Seybold Vision Award in Graphic Arts (San Francisco, 1998).

After his graphics technology entrepreneurship period, he joined Xerox, where he held several positions, including Director of the Research Center Europe (Grenoble and Cambridge), Vice-President of Strategy Planning and Innovation, and General Manager of iXerox. Recently he was the technology consultant at several companies, specializing in the area of digital documents and their applications.

Now he joins the Quarturn team as Technology Architect. He will be responsible for the creation of IP for Quarturn and for the software companies that are using the Quarturn technology. He will also be responsible for building relationships between Quarturn and leading universities in the area.

Patrick’s thorough interest and growing expertise in the field of e-privacy, cybersecurity, smart documents, block chain, and other fundamental concepts of modern information systems, will be a cornerstone in the development of the Quarturn CoDEM platform and the applications that will be built upon it.

Welcome on board, Patrick

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