Respecting people’s data is key to H2H success

Why and how to set-up and execute a stakeholder-centric GDPR process.

Human-to-Human (H2H) interactions will be the main driver for future business success. Companies that will stimulate their collaborators to treat their customers with respect, can expect an increasing turn-over. Companies that will stimulate their team coaches to treat their (future) colleagues with respect will find it more easy to attract top candidates. Central to all this are the personal data of both (future) clients and collaborators. Respect for the personal data of a stakeholder is key to respect for the stakeholder.

GDPR processes were implemented for legal protection

Last year, processes to protect the business from GDPR claims have been set-up and implemented by many companies. The threat of huge claims from national privacy commissions and law makers was very effective, and many law firms made good money from claim protection. The issue however is, that very often these processes did not take the actual stakeholders into account: (future) clients and collaborators were regarded as the evil stakeholder that might claim a lot of money.

The issue is … the evil stakeholders are paying the salaries

Gentle reminder: usually it are the clients and collaborators who bring in the money. The question is how to cope with the evil ones and prevent the company from huge claims, whilst giving the good ones a great customer and collaborator experience and help increase the future business. It all starts with the right intentions. If client and collaborator value are key from the board all the way onto the floor, the foundation is laid for a stakeholder-centric GDPR process.

Three key elements

There is more to respectful GDPR than good intentions of course. Here are the three key elements that help

  • Broad participation: the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the other members of the GDPR team might build a legal fortress around them, which might help to protect for claims, but it does not create a great customer or collaborator experience. You should at least involve all the customer-facing people and all the team coaches and managers.
  • Integrated software: tools such as I.CNTLR.IT integrated with the CRM and HRM applications of the company should help reduce the manual administration, so everyone involved can focus on generating a swift and professional response to any request. Tools should be easy to use for the non-IT people so that they really feel supported.
  • Pragmatic partners: both the GDPR advisory firm and the solicitors should be geared towards creating a great customer or collaborator value in the first palce. Being right and winning in court is not sufficient – on the contrary, it means the human-to-human interaction failed.

That’s why Quarturn has invested in IDlegcy (see IDlegcy helps businesses respect the individual’s data by providing software and services that focus on the customer or collaborator experience. IDlegcy understands that happy humans are the main driver for business success. And that’s why Quarturn is supporting the success of IDlegcy, and stimulates it to create value across the companies Quarturn is investing in.

More about IDlegcy.

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