Getting your B2B-marketing team H2H-focused is much more than switching words

B2B will become Human-to-Human (H2H). For many marketeers and communications experts trading B2B for H2H might seem pretty evident. After all, they have been communicating to humans for ages – that’s the addresses in the database and the people on the mailing list, no? Well, think twice before you think your marketing and communications departments will switch to H2H without even blinking their eyes.

Here are five implications.

  1. Purpose needed as communications backbone: H2H means individual collaborators talk to individual clients. The better individual collaborators do business with individual clients, the more successful the company. In order for people to do the right things, they need a simple and inspiring purpose to automatically connect back to at each moment in their work. They also need that purpose to debate with their colleagues about what projects to support and what projects to kill.
  2. From budget and control, to inspiration and support: Many communications departments have been focused on generating sales leads within a budget frame, and controlling the messages that are sent out by the organization. Unless you want to control every single message by every single collaborator, it’s worthwhile to gear the communications department towards helping make people’s life’s easier, and shift the budget to the operations teams.
  3. Message variety increases exponentially: Whereas classic B2B marketeers only had to reflect on how to get (potential) clients buy more of the fantastic products and services, they are now facing an increasing complexity. Not alone are products transformed into (digital) services, marketeers and communications coordinators are now also involved in corporate branding for enterprise to enterprise reputation building, investor relations, recruitment communications, ….
  4. Internal ambassadors are a new audience: H2H means ‘everyone’ becomes customer-facing. That means that the entire staff of the company, becomes part of the customer experience. A big audience for marketeers is now the internal staff – get them involved and inspired, and the biggest part of the H2H marketing work is done. Including getting all relevant people to blog, share, like, tweet, … for the sake of doing more and better business.
  5. Task complexity increases drastically: Giving the new variety of messages to be sent, the broader variety of responsibilities, the increased number of internal touchpoints, the new way of defining the budget, the complexity of mixing old and new media channels, the internal ambassadorship, you might require new marketing people, new marketing or communications managers, or share the new role of marketing among other teams.

Multiple Quarturn offerings in this field

The new change of marketing into H2H marketing is one of the reasons why Quarturn added several services and software companies to its portfolio over the past years. Although each of these companies has a bigger purpose and mission, they all have some value to create in this H2H marketing field.

  • Forte People: helps you find the new marketing collaborators and managers, and helps the existing teams create the right internal dialogue to discover their new role and share the responsibilities with others.
  • Forte Marketing: helps create and implement a new a H2H-centric marketing plan, that helps your company be successful in the new era of business 4.0. Including all the required communications experts in old and new media.
  • Forte Institute: launches a new Practitioner Master Class for Branding 4.0. This Master Class helps every team to discover their new role, draft a new 4.0 marketing plan and budget, and starts to getting the new things done.
  • IDlegcy: helps to increase the respect for the H(uman)’s personal data — it’s about GDPR but not from a purely legal defense perspective. GDPR that increases the relationship and benefits the H2H transactions.
  • Flxion: a new company that ensures H2H marketing people keep track of the promises they keep to each other, and ensures things will get done in new 4.0 organizations.

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