Searching for two very creative freelance UX/UI passionatos/as

Next year Quarturn is going to create five apps. Five apps that will change the way businesses are going to be organized when they enter the 4.0 era. The vision of these apps is there – that’s the passion of our Vision Architects Jan Beyen and Jan Lagast. The fundamental technology is also there. That is why we onboarded prof.em. Patrick Bergmans, who was the inventor of the Barco Graphics core technology and Head of R&D at Xerox. The builders of rock-solid apps are also there. They are at the university of Ghent, in the Estonian start-up scene, in our Brussels West headquarters.

What we need now – urgently – are two passionate creative geniuses. One UI Art Creative with a focus on ‘rough-but-waw-that-would-a-great-app-I-would-adore-using’ drawings, and one UI Prototype Magician with a focus on “how-did-you-manage-to-get-this-mega-cool-prototype-so-fast-up-and-running”.

Why and when do we need you?

UI Art Creative

When both our Jan’s are generating their crazy ideas, we need someone with Steinbach paper and color pens to capture their ideas, their stories, their vision, their dreams, and start penciling and aquarelling down the user experience they are dreaming off and the GUIs that could embrace those dreams. These ‘roughs’ will hold a mirror in front of the visionaries, in order for them to be even more creative. Likewise, they will be the story boards for the interaction with potential clients, for them to reflect on concrete visuals.

We believe Quarturn could give a freelance art creative a recurring cooperation averaging to appr. 1 day a week.

UI Prototype Magician

In the meantime, and a little bit later than the graphical creative, the prototype magician will get into action. He or she will create small and cool apps – faster and cooler than both Jan’s could imagine them. Apps that can be discarded because they have not cost us a fortune, and have not cost you days and days of programming effort. Apps that can be used as scrap pad, because they are so easy to use, that we can send them to our group of co-creating clients without a manual.

This could be a one-or-two day recurring project for a freelancer who wants to dedicate his/her efforts to Quarturn.

Is this you? Get in touch asap.


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