#Forte to complete the people side of the Quarturn axis

The essence of the Quarturn vision is to have “motivated people deliver client value”. The Quarturn company Forte has been delivering the client-side of this vision. From strategy to market, was the main slogan for several years since 2010. Now Forte will also add the people-side of that vision.

From strategy to execution

We have been preparing this for almost two years. This week, several pieces of the puzzle fit together, and we are proud to announce that Quarturn partner Forte can now deliver the full spectrum of management advisory and business services from strategy & company organization, to both sales & marketing planning and execution, as well as team coaching and staffing.

People-side expert Jan Beyen and his team to join Forte

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-21 om 11.18.15The preparation included the creation of a specific staffing company People 4.0 NV (known as Forte People) in December 2016. Before the Summer of 2018, we had people-side expert Jan Beyen deliver the first strategic organization advisory.

After the Summer we started to build upon the services of Connect-Human-Capital for our internal recruitment, and this week we decided they could join forces so that we can now also offer recruitment services of customer-facing (and client-value adding !) team members to our clients.

On the lookout for a Team Value Integrator

We are now recruiting a Team Value Integrator who is able to coach self-steering teams towards more client-value, and detect the team’s gaps. This person will also be the magnet for the (freelance) friends and the (permanent) people family of Forte. And help clients get more real value out of their teams delivered to their clients.

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