#Quarturn to launch two new ventures before the end of 2018

By the end of this year, Quarturn will create two new software companies. Each of them helps existing companies with their successful transformation into Industry 4.0 companies, taking the lead in this new era.

In essence this is what these new companies will be doing;

  • One company will be creating the app that will be used by members of self-steering teams to get their things done within the time and budget they have given themselves during their projects and meetings. It also enables them — as a team — to imply the collaborators from the overall company’s resources pool of employees and freelancers. Such a flexible self-steering team setting is typical for Industry 4.0 organizations, and it is so fundamentally different from the hierarchic way organizations were built, that the existing tools are inadequate and limiting. What also differentiates this tool from classic project and status follow-up software, is that it will allow teams to split, merge, regroup, cancel, grow, reorganize, … at any moment in time without losing the connection to past decisions. And that is very difficult in classic tools, but oh so necessary in modern organizations.
  • The other software company will develop the main instrument for advisors, strategists, and managers who are reshaping the purpose, strategy, and goals of classic Industry 3.0 structures into modern fluid Industry 4.0 organizations. Typical for I4.0 is the rapid experimentation with innovative initiatives. One of the challenges is how to combine such rapid changes with a classic long-term strategic operation that is built for stability and hierarchic control. This tool has a graphic interface that allows an expert to model the business intuitively, debate over it with colleagues and clients, change and experiment, and then freeze the result. From then the model becomes the basis for follow-up, and later for the required rapid remodeling.

These two companies will be instrumental to put the Quarturn vision into practice in typical mid-sized Industry 3.0 leaders that want to transform into a new kind of company.

In the next weeks, Quarturn will be attracting a limited number of private investors who might want to leverage their savings over the next years.


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