#FunkyTime tracker is a I4.0 time tracker

Yesterday, one of my Quarturn partners Jan Beyen, all of a sudden realized that the time tracker from FunkyTime is not just another business or project time tracker that allows a boss to control what you are doing. It helps you as an individual to track the time you spend during the entire day – even 24/7 if you like – and show others how much time you worked for them, or on certain projects or tasks. If you have a responsibility in a community, it might help you to visualize how much time you spend on administration so as to proof someone else is needed to assist you. Or you might want to proof to your partner that you do spend a lot of time in the household.

FunkyTime tracker allows you to allocate time on individual projects. The time for the boss is allocated to projects from the boss, whereas the time spent on household, hobbies – or even sleeping – is never visible to the boss. That’s personal time. And you can allocate as much of these personal projects as you like – they never get shown to the boss. If your company is using FunkyOps – or another software that integrates with the FunkyTime tracker – the projects “the boss” wants you to work on, are automatically sent to your personal Funkytime tracker. Whenever you allocate time to those projects, both you and your employer get that information. For you to know how much time you have spent on your work, for your employer to know how much time you have spent on certain projects they have to invoice to clients.

And there is more. First, “the employer” in the above paragraph can be one of the colleague project managers or a self-steering team member who took up the variable role of project admin. Or it can be two, or three different companies. Or clients, when you are a freelancer. Or … all of the above. The FunkyTime product family is the only time management environment that copes with this tremendous fluidity of organizations. And that is the essence of the new working which will be one of the consequences of Industry 4.0.

Try for yourself via www.funkytime.com. It’s free to start with.

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