#Forte welcomes new social media expert

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-16 om 18.22.25This week Linkedin-expert Bert Verdonck started at Forte Marketing (see www.forte.eu), one of the Quarturn companies providing industrial marketing services to mid-sized B2B businesses in Europe. Bert eats, drinks, and breaths social media. He is the co-author of the book “How to really use Linkedin”, and has been teaching many courses on social media during the last decade. At Forte Marketing, he is one of the Brand Value Integrators who will help companies stand out. He will focus on social media – of course – but will also integrate social media with the other channels in the mix, and integrate them with strategy, marketing planning, product marketing, and even HR management.

Bert is a strong believer in the Quarturn vision. Quarturn says a successful company should focus its mission on motivating people & partners to deliver client-value. Financial (shareholder) value will then follow as a consequence of this focus. For a Brand Value Integrator such as Bert it is much easier to make a B2B company become a magnet to attracting the right clients and the right collaborators for the right reasons. Bert will add a lot of value to the advisory and business services of Forte, because he will be following the Quarturn to add a lot of value to the clients of Forte.


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